OXIFLO is our uniquely formulated chemical providing chlorine dioxide, manufactured by ourselves, which provides an inexpensive, cost efficient and an environmentally friendly solution for a myriad of applications and industries

Oxiflo has many advantages and benefits over other alternatives and methods of disinfection:

Inexpensive & Cost Effective

Safe to use

Enviromentally friendly

User friendly

Does not need expensive operable plant or machinery.

Efficacy is not affected by pH variances

Comparatively small dosage rates required (dependant upon application)

Long shelf life

No taste, odour, or taint issues created.


Non corrosive

No disinfection byproducts (DBPs)

Made in the UK

Due to the above benefits and its unique characteristics, Oxiflo is fast becoming the premier choice for water purification, and maintaining water hygiene for industry and agriculture.


Poultary Water

Poultry livestock - Drinking water

Poultry livestock - Drinking water

Issues - Mix of Bore, mains and harvested rainwater with high bacterial loading, and Biofilm
Solution - Filtration, dosing with Oxiflo and performing a thorough shock dose
Results - Water bought to Potable standards, Best performing crop with positive results on EPEF, Mortality, FCR, DLWG, Drier litter and free flowing unblocked drinkers


Bottle rinsing - CIP Systems

Bottle rinsing - CIP Systems

Issues - Looking for alternatives to traditional chemicals, with lower risk profile in terms of Health and safety
Solution -Oxiflo dosing replacing per acetic acid / Hydrogen Peroxide
Results - Safer and easier to handle, cost effective and used at comparatively lower concentrations

poultry- processors

Poultry processors - Salmonella & E-Coli control

Poultry processors - Salmonella & E-Coli control

Issues - Enhanced bacterial control required in spin chillers / “in out” washers, reduce the risk of cross contamination
Solution - Oxiflo dosing into the main process line at potable water levels
Results - Control of dangerous bacterium and no taste or taint issues on produce


Tank cleaning - Bacterial Control

Tank cleaning - Bacterial Control

Issues - General hygiene and high bacteria counts
Solution - Physically cleaned and disinfected with Oxiflo
Results - Clean tank with no further issues


Borehole & Natural water supplies - Iron & Manganese reduction

Borehole & Natural water supplies - Iron & Manganese reduction

Issues - Iron, manganese and odour issues
Solution - Filtration and chemical dosing of Oxiflo
Results - Cleaner, visibly clearer water, reducing the impact of iron and manganese within potable consent levels


Piped distribution systems - Biofilm removal

Piped distribution systems - Biofilm removal

Issues - Precautionary treatment of water distribution to eradicate biofilm
Solution - Shock dosing at high concentration with Oxiflo
Results - Complete removal of biofilm


Soft drink manufacturers - Bacterial control for Glycol Chiller Lines

Soft drink manufacturers - Bacterial control for Glycol Chiller Lines

Issues - Additional level of bio security required in case of pipe rupturing
Solution - Oxiflo added to chiller lines
Results - Process safety enhanced


Medical facilities - Legionella control

Medical facilities - Legionella control

Issues - High legionella count identified on audit
Solution - Shock dosing water storage tanks with Oxiflo and tap cleaning
Results - Successful results post treatment test

About Us

Oxiflo specialises in manufacturing and providing cost efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions for all types of applications and various industries.
Our experience in servicing the needs of industrial water users, requiring a heightened level of biosecurity within their respective water supplies, has allowed our clients to benefit from individually tailored solutions designed around their own exacting requirements.

We strive to serve the best interests of our clients whilst ensuring superior service and full support whenever needed.

To date our experience and range of products has enabled us to provide solutions and treatments for the following:

  • Poultry & Livestock drinking water
  • Legionella control
  • Biofilm removal
  • Drinking water
  • Shock dosing water tanks
  • Food processing
  • Bio security in water supplies for Bacteria, Viruses, Spores and fungal issues
  • Odour control
  • Iron & Manganese removal and reduction

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